Fashion Friday – wedding weekend – update

Hi Everyone  –

Here’s my Fashion Friday post… I actually wore my hair down today.. you can see just how fried it is. I’m hoping that the new Herbalife Shampoo and Conditioner I just got will help with that. What I really need is a hair cut… but ya know, I’m broke.


My shirt and jeans today were thrift store goodies!

I did my 5 minute face in the car while I was waiting for my husband to get out of a doctor’s appointment. I always keep my little make up bag with me so I can quickly apply a fresh face where ever I end up starting my day.

I don’t really have much in terms of awesome fashion in sight this week. But we are traveling to my brother-in-law’s wedding this weekend, so I’ll post pictures of my rehearsal dinner and wedding outfits, for kicks 🙂

In the meantime, check out my pinterest board dedicated to style – looks I think, things I want to try, etc.


9/11/12 – whew, it’s been a while! We had a great time during the wedding weekend! I totally forgot to take a picture of my dress the night of the wedding, but I did get a picture of part of my rehearsal dinner outfit. I didn’t realize how ill-fitting it was until I saw the picture… I think it’s time to get some of my clothes tailored. Many women forget that this is an option for every day wear – not just for formal gowns. They assume they are a size and that’s it. Not true! Get your stuff taken in or let out to fit your body shape!


Before going to the rehearsal dinner, we stopped at the natural history museum along the way. It was a jeans and tshirt kind of day (I had to sit and wait for my car to be repaired). But! I did get to wear one of my favorite things to wear – my baby!!

photo[1]Seen here in a BabyHawk baby carrier borrowed from a friend.

On a final note, remember that when it comes to a fun weekend full of festivities, everyone likes to be a little fancy.



MLK and journaling (they’re connected, I swear)

This is my journal!

This is my journal!

50 years ago today, Dr. Martin Luther King gave his famous “I have a Dream” speech at the Lincoln Memorial. He had a dream of a world where all children, regardless of race, worked together, joined hands, and built a better world around them.

I’m trying to spend some time reflecting on my thoughts and feelings and have taken up journaling. What started it was when I was ready Sarah Mae’s Desperate (awesome book!). Each chapter ends with a journaling prompt. Something to write and reflect about. She had a similar journaling prompt at the end of each segment of the Unwired Mom challenge. I really got into it.

I have been really learning some things about myself. Things I think I already knew and could probably have told you if I had to the time to stop and really think about it. But that’s just it – who the hell has time to stop and think any more? I mean, really really think. Dig. Investigate. Wonder. Set goals. Next steps. Appreciate accomplishments. So with the Unwired Mom challenge done and Desperate almost done (I’m kind of putting it off because I don’t want it to end!), I really really wanted to keep journaling.

But then I was like, well, what do I write about? I really didn’t want to go back to my elementary school days of “Dear Diary, here’s an accounting of my day.” (I still have that diary, by the way. It has kitty cats on it). In my quest to find good printable planner pages for my life planner (more on that later!), I stumbled upon journal printables, which sparked my interest. It turns out, there’s a whole slew of “Journal prompts” out there.. even printable journal pages you can fill out and color! So that’s what I’m going to be doing, along with smashbooking, scrapbooking, and making collages in my journal.

I will share my journal pages, when appropriate, with you all – for inspiration, motivation and lessons learned. As I find more journal ideas (and planner ideas) I’ll pin them.

In the meantime, I thought “I have a dream” scrawled across the top of a blank journal page might be a good place to start tonight when I sit down with my journal, my thoughts, my dreams.

Happy writing.

Your turn: What’s your dream?

Fashion Friday – my approach

So I’ve decided to do a weekly “Outfit of the Day” post – Fashion Friday.. and guess what? I’m already a day late for my first one!  Welcome to following the blog of a person with ADHD.

Anyway, I should really call this “fashion” Friday. Note the quotation marks. I am by no means a fashion guru. Or fashion anything. But, I try to put things together and figured I’d share. Flylady says to “dress to shoes” every day – even if you’re not leaving the house. As much as she annoys me (sorry, Flylady) I agree with a lot of what she says, including this. There’s just something about putting your best face forward every day.

Look, I am as feminist as they come. I think the messages we get about beauty are a load of crap. Do I need make up to be beautiful? Absolutely not. Do I have to wear the latest fashions and trends to be a good person? Puh-lease. BUT something happens when I feel put together. And for me, put together is a touch of make up (most times), actual clothes that I wouldn’t wear to bed. Some accessories. Add a touch of nail polish and I could take over the world. Real snazzy.

But let’s all remember – I’m a mom of three. My size has fluctuated and my income has not grown significantly in a long time. I have no time, little energy and not a whole lot of fashion sense. So ya know, I’m not going to be walking down any runways soon. So what’s my approach?

Little touches.

I don’t really need to wear business attire – business casual on many days – jeans most days. But simply adding a dressier top with some dark jeans can pull a look together. My hair is getting pretty shaggy and I am saving up for a haircut, so most days, I wear it up in a bun. But wearing a low bun over to the side once in a while gives it that “little touch” – dresses it up a little. I’ll blog more about my 5 minute make up routine – but it basically boils down to finding the 2 or 3 little things that make a difference for you in terms of feeling “made up.” Add some sparkle, some accessories and there you have it. Minimal effort, not that much time, but mama is sparkling. And like Soul Happy Living would say, when mama sparkles,  everyone shines.

So without further ado, here’s the first Fashion Friday Outfit of the Day!

photoI didn’t feel like getting too dressed up, so I wore my favorite skinny jeans (which I got by the way from a local thrift store). Not wanting to look too dressed down, though, I added some little touches. I wore a sparkly top. A similarly colored cardigan toned it down enough so that it still sparkled but didn’t look like I was going out for a night on the town. A large deeply colored blue necklace added a little something to an otherwise pretty neutral outfit. My five-minute face makes it look like I at least tried that morning. You can’t see it, but I have my hair in a low side bun and I twisted my bangs a couple of times before I pinned them up.

And look! Bonus! I brought in some nail polish and did my nails at lunch! I got this great idea from my friend Sarah (you can see some of her awesome home manicures here). I never have the money or time to get my nails done, and good luck doing your nails at home when you have three kids (or one kid, for that matter).  But, I get an hour lunch break and really, it’s not anyone’s business but mine what I do with that hour. So on Friday, I did my nails.

photo[1]They’re not perfect, but they’re better than nothing. And besides this photo, who really is going to be closely inspecting my nails, anyway? From the distance at which 99.99% of people will be seeing my hands, it’ll look like I have a lovely french manicure.

So, there ya have it. I ended up with a pretty well put together look that took no more time or energy than jeans and t-shirt. Ta-da! Oh, and P.S. – I’m all about being real. So I will post OOTD, regardless of how put together I look. Consider it a practice in showing myself some grace.


Your turn: in what ways do you add little touches to your look and style?

It’s not about the Bangs.

It's not about the Bangs.

I’m Kat! This is a picture of me the day I got bangs for the first time since, like, 4th grade. That may sound ridiculous, to take such a happy selfie of bangs, of all things, but it meant something to me.

Mostly because everyone was telling me not to get bangs. My friends, my hairdresser… every time I said “I think I want bangs” they were like, no you don’t. Your forehead is too small for bangs. Your hair is too thick for bangs. Then you’ll have to keep cutting them to keep it up. All good points.

But I wanted them. And I felt defeated. I would shrink back and think, “yea… maybe I don’t want bangs after all…”

Then one day it clicked. Why was I seeking permission for this? (Hint: I do that a lot. It wasn’t about the bangs.)

So I went to the salon, pulled out a picture of what I was thinking, and said, “I want bangs like this. How can you make this work for me.” No “I think”… no “maybe.” no I’m sorry to be bothering you with my existence and my persistent need for fringe. No question marks. I want them. Period. P.e.r.i.o.d.

“Ok” the lady at Supercuts said, mostly consumed by some distant thought and not really concerned at all that this was a momentous day in my life.

Really? Bangs? Momentous? It wasn’t about the bangs, guys. It was about being assertive. Asking for what I want in a way that says, “I matter and I deserve it.”

So, go out and grab something today. Get the bangs you’ve been wanting, whatever they may be. (Remember to always do no harm and to handle the souls in your care, whether it’s your kids, your partner, or your friends with great respect. But don’t think that means for a second that you can’t have bangs.)

Your turn: Send me your selfie doing something you’ve always wanted to do!