Quick Tip: Grocery List

I just put together a grocery list and figured I’d share!




I divide by sections of the store so I don’t get overwhelmed while I’m there. I’m shopping across two sales so I marked the things I need to get by Thursday with a T (before the sale ends) and the things I need to get on Friday or later (when they’re on sale) with an F. This isn’t typical for us – we usually decide to go shopping and then just grab the circular ad for that day… but I got the new fliers and realized there were some sales ending Thursday that I didn’t want to miss… so I made a list for two shopping trips. I put a (C) next to the items I have a coupon for. Items with nothing next to them means I just need to get them whenever because they’re regular price anyway.

There are two items I want to go to another store for (Shaws market) because the price is really good. I also note on the household items the things I may want to get at the Dollar Store (green dot) or Target (red dot) once I price compare. Those are things I can take my time getting so I can check prices and compare this week and don’t need to buy right away.

Finally, I pulled all my Thursday items onto a post it so I can see quickly what I need to get Thursday. Then I can take a look at the rest of my list and grab what I need that’s not on sale or decide to grab them when I go back this weekend if they’re not high need.

The coupons are paper clipped to the list and it’ll get clipped to my planner.

Happy Shopping!